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We are looking forward to the  2021 Midwest iHemp Expo!

We want you to be successful with the expo and will help you organize your content.

Below is an example of a booth for your review. Here are the assets that we need to make this happen:

  • Your Business Details
  • Promotional video
  • Important Links
  • Descriptive Text

Your Business Name Here

Add your slogan or call to action


Your Name   (email link)
Website Link

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Use this space to describe your business and why someone should engage with you. The buttons could be link to forms on your website, a PDF or where ever you want them to go. If you don’t have a promotional video to place on the page, reach out to Dave and schedule a short interview to place here.

Get more exposure!

Now that you have your Exhibitor Booth, we have an upgrade offer for you.

Complete the setup form and consider a Promo Sponsorship to upgrade your presence!


Promo Sponsor

  • 1 (One) 30-Second Ads during Expo
  • Banner Ad on Website
  • Ad in Digital Expo Program
  • Priority Placement in Expo Hall
  • Your Bonus Content in iHemp Michigan Auditorium


Exhibitor Setup

Provide us with the details to build your booth.

Company Social Media Links:
Add any you wish to share.

Contact One Person on Booth

Contact Two Person on Booth

Assets for Booth

Lists of documents and videos can be listed and linked up on the booth. Upload content or provide links along with your description in the message box below. The introduction video is a short hello to personalize the booth with a greeting from a company representative. You can record on an phone and send over or upload here. Multiple files can be uploaded at once.

  • Introduction Video
  • Brochure
  • Logo & any Images or graphics. Banner ad size: (510 x 287)

File types: png, gif, jbg, pdf, mp4, mp3,

Descriptive text coaching

100 words would fit in the area we have setup top of fold on the screen, but it would be a full block of text. Consider using bullet points and short paragraphs. Try to keep it easy to quickly consume and understand what you are about and why they should care.

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