CBD Distillate or Isolate conversion to D9-D8

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      John E Roberts

      Check out a new process to reduce waste and increase conservation practices!
      My focus is on fiber and grain, but I want to share this new process!
      D9-D8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Conversion from Cannabidiol (CBD) Using Delta Cannalyst(TM)
      Our team has spent the last year developing a product that safely converts CBD to legal THC as outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill. Our goal was to enable a lab to complete the conversion in a repeatable manner without the use of harsh chemicals, water washing and solvent dilution. Included with the product is the complete SOP outlining how to drive the isomerization of the reaction toward Delta8 or Delta9 THC. For compliant Delta8 THC we can provide a secondary step to convert any Delta9 over to the legal constituent Delta8 THC. The CBD conversion market has effectively opened up avenues for hemp farmers to be profitable off of industrial hemp and for the cannabis market to benefit to produce high quality Delta9 THC for customers in the regulated market space. Please refer to the COAs for cannabinoid profiles and the pictures of the finished distillate.
      I can email you the packet with COAs for cannabinoid profiles, the picture, the label, and the SOP overview.
      John E Roberts

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