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      Great Presentation Jesse.

      Couple of questions. One of our smokable flower cultivars tested high for Nickel. We were able to take out the nickel moving to crude. You mentioned old fertilizer as a cause. Will the nickel continue to show in subsequent years crops given the Hemp sucks theory? Does Bentonite work? Also interested in the testing on the farm product.

      Thank you much and awesome job.

      Miller Farms

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      Dr. Jesse Miller

      Thanks Mark for the kind words.

      Awesome name for a farm, by the way 😉

      I would place Nickel as a risk on your production risk register as it appears to be in your soil, as you plant more crops, the nickel concentration will decrease, but you should monitor it. You can also imagine that the regenerative ag concept can also help you here, those other plants may pull some out too (although not as efficient as cannabis, still something!)

      Great insight on Bentonite! there are MANY scientific articles on using sodium bentonite and bentonite clays as effective sequesterers of Nickel, so the science is there. I havent used it personally, but the science looks sound.

      We have some info in the booth documents for the hemp test – it is the “Reveal Q+ for d9-thc” document. We plan to launch it in april of this year. Dan Grubb can provide you with more info on that at and I can handle any tech questions you have a

      Thanks for the question Mark and all the best for a fruitful year this year!


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      Todd Welch


      Great presentation and you nailed it on the lab issues within the industry ( you mentioned Iron Labs – Michigan); even when it comes to licensed laboratories by the Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA). Many marijuana and Hemp growers/processors think because MRA licenses a lab that they are all the same and will provide the same results which could be the furthest thing from the truth. Myself and my two partners are retired from the Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division and have built out 2 state-of-the-art laboratories (Lansing/Bay City) and we test for many of the Hemp Growers in the state of Michigan. It’s amazing how right you are about concerns with certain labs in the analytical testing market as results are absolutely critical especially for the mandates in the Hemp industry. If you’re ever in Lansing, please stop into the lab as I would love to meet you personally. Thanks again, and you did a great job with your presentation.

      All the best,

      Todd W. Welch (Founder/COO)
      Viridis Laboratories

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      Dr. Jesse Miller

      Hi Todd
      Thanks for the kind words! Would love to swing by, our HQ is on Shiawassee in E. Lansing – close!

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