Need Experts in Testing?

With the recent approval by the USDA allowing the growing and processing of Industrial Hemp, we knew this new industry would need experts in the sampling, inspection analysis and certification to give confidence in the analytical procedures and test results. AIT is a true unbiased, third-party industrial hemp laboratory.  Although AIT is a new company, the 50 year history and background of its principles are grounded in Official Grain Inspection System as NDGI. Find Out More About NDGI!

Testing Shouldn’t be a Hurdle for Your Business..

It is our belief that hemp testing is truly vital to the success of industrial hemp producers, extractors and retailers. With that, wouldn’t you rather your hemp testing company work with you instead of being a hurdle? AIT wants to find the best ways to make your industrial hemp analysis easier and quicker to obtain. Let us know what your business needs are and we will listen!

Investing in the Latest Technology

AIT has invested in the latest analytical equipment that is readily accepted in the Hemp industry, from the growers, processors and buyers. This technology allows us to give you accurate and up to date industrial hemp analysis. We pride ourselves of quick turnaround, accurate test results and certification.  https://hempinspection.com/about-us

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