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Jeremy Klettke has dedicated over 20 years studying the cutting-edge science around the endogenous cannabinoid system and how it is impacted by the entourage of compounds contained within the cannabis plant. Jeremy has also worked in the research and development of cannabis chemotypes specifically for CBD (Cannabidiol) production, most specifically on the development of varieties containing below 0.3% Total THC for implementation in the current hemp industry. His work has led to the development of feminized seed varieties for specific bio-regions and micro-climates. In 2016, Mr. Klettke worked with members of the Oregon State Farm Bureau and the Oregon Department of Agriculture to draft the current house bill under which the Oregon Hemp Program operates.

There are plenty of questions surrounding the hemp industry. From best farming practices to state and federal compliance, Davis Farms is committed to educating the hemp farming community through its development to provide farmers with a solid foundation. The single most important component of any successful hemp farm is the plant genetics. Jeremy and Jon Thomas will help to get you started by explaining how to source reliable genetics and the right questions to ask your seed provider. https://www.davisherbfarms.com/


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December 12, 2019

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