Holland Transplanter

Holland Transplanter

Frustrated by the slow and inefficient results of planting celery by hand, Ben Poll along with his two brothers, Henry and Louis, designed and built a small self propelled transplanter. Their planter was not only faster and easier than planting by hand, it planted celery better than hand planting, resulting in a higher quality crop. In 1927 the brothers quit farming and began the Holland Celery Planter Company.

If you have the job of transplanting small seedlings, and want to get the job done fast, and right… look to the long experience behind every Holland Transplanter. You can have your choice of single row units, or multi-row units, tractor mounted or tractor drawn. Holland does it all: digging the furrow, placing the plant in the soil, giving it a shot of water and fertilizer, and then repacking the soil back around the roots… faster and better than can be done by hand.

Contact: Ken Poll
(616) 392-3579


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December 26, 2019

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