Marijuana Security Operations

Marijuana Security Operations (MSO) is a private security and logistics firm dedicated to service in the marijuana industry.

We provide security planning, armed guards, and secure transportation services to the cannabis industry.

Our Story

Marijuana Security Operations (MSO) began in 2006 under the name Precision Risk Management Group.

Following a career in corporate security, Owner/Director Grady Emmons began the firm initially to contract himself out to various corporations experiencing security issues.

The company started by doing hostile employee terminations, surveillance investigations, secure diamond transportation, and more.

Specializing in corporate security matters, the company grew and added additional services.  One of the services added was expansion into the uniformed guard business.

PRMG continued to expand its corporate security services. Multiple clients were added, including several uniformed guard locations; both armed and unarmed.

In late 2017, Grady Emmons had colleagues in other states who were providing security services to the cannabis industry.

The Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) was also just coming into effect in Michigan and people were applying for municipal cannabis business licenses.

Those people would need security plans and guard services.

Reading the MMFLA and learning more about Michigan’s up and coming marijuana industry caused Grady to recognize the opportunity to provide Secure Transport services under the MMFLA.

Obtaining a MMFLA Secure Transport license was another natural extension of PRMG’s current business model into the cannabis industry.  The company was already securely moving billions in diamonds and other high-value merchandise around the country every year.

The “know how”, trained personnel, and logistics capabilities were already in place.

Into The Cannabis Business

The decision was made for PRMG to fully move into the cannabis business in late 2017.

Recognizing the need for professionally trained marijuana facility security guards, security plans backed by years of physical security experience, and a high-security model of cannabis Secure Transport, MSO was formed in 2018.

MSO has grown rapidly with Michigan’s cannabis industry:

  • We have written over 200 security plans for several municipalities, the State of Michigan, and several other states.
  • Our armed guards also secure several prominent provisioning, cultivation, processing, and testing facilities throughout the state.
  • MSO fully anticipates being fully licensed for MMFLA Secure Transport in November 2019.

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December 7, 2019

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