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Dear Hemp Supporter,

We introduced ourselves to you last year with the goal of legalizing the commercial production of hemp in Indiana and providing accurate information to our neighboring states to ensure ease in commerce of hemp and hemp products. In April of 2019, because of dedicated supporters like you, we were successful in legalizing the commercial production of hemp in Indiana. We continue to act as a clearinghouse of accurate information on all things hemp to our members in Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.

However, there is still much work to be done and many obstacles to overcome in Indiana and the Midwest. The re-emerging hemp economy will be successful in spite of, not because of, the government. We need active help from the entire supply chain to demonstrate the positive economic impact hemp has on our farmers, processors, retailers and other entrepreneurs.   

The Midwest Hemp Council is leading the 2019 hemp growing season in Indiana through the Indiana Hemp Cooperative Research Trials. The Cooperative includes 60 licensed farmers growing approximately 3000 acres for seed, fiber and CBD. We will collect critical data on our hemp grows this year that will be used to ensure our farmers, processors, legislators, policymakers and regulators have accurate information moving forward. It is imperative accurate data is collected and shared around the Midwest regarding our successes this year.  

The Midwest Hemp Council is also playing a crucial role in the development of a regulatory structure in Indiana. We are required by law to have a seat on the newly formed Indiana Hemp Advisory Committee. We will also continue to work closely with the Seed Commissioner to ensure our farmers and processors operate under a regulatory structure that maximizes investments into the hemp economy.

We hope you will join our efforts to promote the entire hemp economy in the Midwest. There is still much work to be done and education for our farmers and policymakers continues to be a top priority.

Thank you,
Midwest Hemp Council


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December 7, 2019

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