Welcome to the US Hemp Building Association

You are invited to join the Top US and International Hemp Builders, Architects, Engineers, Educators, Growers, Investors, and Innovators as a member of the new US Hemp Building Association, forming partnerships to create a robust new building industry in the USA.

​By joining the USHBA, you will be part of creating a unified and inclusive coalition within the Hemp and Construction industries to promote and support Hemp as a readily accessible, environmentally sustainable, and economically viable option to traditional building materials. The USHBA will move Hemp Building into the forefront of the US Construction Industry through education, communication, connections and advocacy. https://www.ushba.org/

​Join now to begin impacting the world and receive perks and benefits of becoming an Individual or Student Founding Member, Founding Corporate Member or a Founding Influencer as we launch our exciting and unique Association this year.

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